Print Method  Thermal Transfer

Resolution   300 d.p.i, Near-Edge Type

Print Speed     (4" - 10"/s)

Print Width:    Upto 5"

Label Width:    30.2 - 154.0 mm

Label Length:   Single labels:105 - 360 mm
Strip labels: 30.2 - 350mm
Label strips: 105 350 mm

Medai Type:   Up to 350 g/m2, possibly up to 400 gm2 depending on the thickness of the label

Ribbon-Saver:   From 10 mm print-free area

Fonts:    17 standard and 2 vector fonts Character Modification Enlargement in X/Y direction up to factor 8. 90�, 180�, 270� rotation.

Bar Codes      All standard bar codes

Media Reserve     Batch height up to 15 cm
Processing of fanfold material possible

Ribbon Length      600 m

Interfaces:      Serial RS232 (Option RS485), Parallel Centronics

Plug-in Cards:     2 Slots each with 2 MB

Emulation:     Easy-Plug, Line Printer, Hex Dump

Driver    Windows Driver (95, 98, NT, XP)

Dimensions   780 x 410 x 320 mm (w x h x l)

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May in barcode Avery AP 5.4